Riverfront Theater Company Performing Arts & Education is a community tradition which has lasted for over fifty-five years.


We pride ourselves on being part of the community, a place where enthusiastic volunteers can work and play together, educate and mentor young people, and create quality, affordable theater. We strive to be a welcoming, and encouraging group who have created a comfortable and easily accessible theater experience for actors and theater tech people throughout the Pittsburgh region.



Riverfront Theater Company (RTC) began as the Faux Paw Players and then changed its name to the Fox Chapel Community Players, performing shows in the garage of a home in the Falconhurst housing plan back in the early 1960s. It became increasingly popular and moved to O’Hara Elementary School. Then, after changing its name to Stage Right, the group moved to Boyd Community Center (now replaced by the Lauri Ann West Community Center). After producing a few shows in the new center, we held our 2018 season of shows at both The Oaks Theater in Oakmont and at the beautiful Aspinwall Riverfront Park, now Allegheny RiverTrail Park. In the beginning of 2019, we were invited to make Allegheny RiverTrail Park our home. 


Many past and present members of the RTC family have taken the skills they’ve honed with us and applied them to professional careers in the entertainment industry. We are constantly re-evaluating what we do and will always strive to become an even better source of cultural and creative experiences and continue to be a proving ground for the professionals of tomorrow.

What does Riverfront Theater Company do?


Theatrical productions

Riverfront Theater Company typically does four shows per year — winter, spring, summer and fall, one for each of the seasons. 

  • Typically, we have two days of auditions; 6 weeks of rehearsals; 2 weekends of performances (total of 8 weeks), depending on the venue.

  • Rehearsals are generally held in the evenings (7–9:30 p.m.), and occasionally on weekends.

  • We have a great group of volunteers who build sets, find props and furniture, and handle costuming and front of house responsibilities.

Special Events

Riverfront Theater Company has collaborated with the Allegheny RiverTrail Park to produce special events in their Pavilion and Welcome Center. In the past, these included Swing Dance lessons and open dancing, and we look forward to producing other fun, community-themed events.  


  • Riverfront Junior Summer Theater Camp held at Allegheny RiverTrail Park

  • Mentoring young people with hands-on behind-the-scenes theater experiences and leadership opportunities through membership of our Young Artists Junior Board of Directors.

What else?

Riverfront Theater is deeply connected to the District Association's Fox Chapel Follies

  • We provide the director, stage manager, lighting tech (and equipment), costumes, set pieces, and props

  • The 2021 Follies included eight board members and a dozen regular cast and crew members!

  • The Fox Chapel Follies raises large amounts of money which is used by the District Association for a wide variety of projects which benefit our local neighborhoods.

Riverfront Theater Company was an active participant in the Pittsburgh New Works Festival from 2009 to 2018 and has won multiple Donna Awards. We look forward to rejoining the festival in the near future.


Board of Directors

Jim Froehlich, President, Business Manager

David Lu, Vice President

James McDonald, Vice President

Jaye Tupponce, Treasurer

Kelsey Gdovin, Secretary

Randi Ippolito, Board Chair

Jenna Bowman, Director of Education and Artistic Director

Hillary Santel, Director of Media and Publicity

Bill Boag, Technical Director

Sara Blike, Director of Outreach

Patti McCaffrey, Director of Outreach

Beth Spatz, Costuming Chair

Will Docimo, Volunteer

Amanda Leight, Volunteer

Catherine Parham, Volunteer

Diana Biordi, Volunteer

Faye Miller, Volunteer

Bill Ivins, Member Emeritus

Young Artists
Junior Board of Directors

Nera Akiva

Eamonn McElfresh

Max Milligan

Paige Purcell

Amelia Reines

Liv Rocco

Proud participant 2009–2018